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Miss her – Proleter, Awon

24 November 2020

The combination of those two hiphop/jazz enthusiasts makes a light and groovy piece of art, ready to sip with your favorite cup of coffee in the lounge.

Peace, chill everywhere & keep vibing out …

OneFourThree – Hermitude feat. Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid

3 November 2020

The album’s name Pollyanarchy is a reflection on finding clarity in the chaos – which is pretty accurate to 2020’s vibe… We gotta find clarity in the chaos, and be ok no matter what the outcome may be.

Osanha – QSTN

13 October 2020

Grab a taste of Brazil via South California with Question’s latest bossanova-infused Favela EP. If you want smooth heat than you have found the right place.

Léa Cohen

Léa Cohen

Music and travel lover, I always loved combining the two. Music adds substance to my travels, accompanies me wherever I go, and with that sense of wonder, the sonic experience felt more complete. My degree in International Business allowed me to travel for studies and work. Passionate about cultural diversity, international relations and innovation, I am a dreamer. Something keeps pushing me to always go for what makes me feel alive, no matter how crazy it may sound. This drive sometimes make me go for the adventure, unstable, or original path. In the past few years I lived on 4 continents. It shaped the person I am today and make me see the world through unique lenses. Being spiritually connected, I am constantly looking for what speaks to my soul and connects me to a deeper meaning. Music Curation with Musicto Music curation came to me quite naturally. I have always been curating playlists and showing songs to my friends, I just never thought I could do it for others and at a larger scale. Through my music journey, I learned piano when I was 8 and joined the choir at 10. I worked for a music tech startup in Tel Aviv later on, during my business studies, designing playlists for businesses and signing new artists to the platform. I recently started producing electronic music (trip hop & oriental techno) and aspire to become a music producer. Music, Travel & Photography The way I am seeing the world through travel is personal to me. I believe there are as many lenses in the world as there are individuals. I started taking photos in order to share my vision. I pair them with the music that best describes the feelings which comes to me from the scene. ‘Soulful Lifestyles’ (@Soulful_Lifestyles) is just that. An instagram page I started with some pictures I took from around the world, associated with a music giving it some aliveness and creating a more complete experience, connecting different senses. I like starting projects that combines my passions and my skills and see where they lead. I am curious to see where this one leads and hope you’ll like it as much as I enjoy it :).