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Miss her – Proleter, Awon

24 November 2020

The combination of those two hiphop/jazz enthusiasts makes a light and groovy piece of art, ready to sip with your favorite cup of coffee in the lounge.

Peace, chill everywhere & keep vibing out …

OneFourThree – Hermitude feat. Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid

3 November 2020

The album’s name Pollyanarchy is a reflection on finding clarity in the chaos – which is pretty accurate to 2020’s vibe… We gotta find clarity in the chaos, and be ok no matter what the outcome may be.

Osanha – QSTN

13 October 2020

Grab a taste of Brazil via South California with Question’s latest bossanova-infused Favela EP. If you want smooth heat than you have found the right place.