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Shoutouts – Senoj Xo

31 July 2018

When I’m going through and listening to music to put on my list I do it all based on emotions and flavor. I believe all music has a certain flavor, and my particular flavor is very southern. So I find my self being really drawn to what I feel is some of the hottest major and indie southern flavor around…

Watch – Travis Scott ( Feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West )

4 July 2018

Ok so I was sitting listening to tracks and reading a few of my music sites that I keep up with. And I came across something where one of the older rappers had some not so good things to say about one of the new guys in the game…


26 June 2018

So with any thing in life there comes some very sad moments and this happens to be one of them.  Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy was a talented young man who even though he had signed a six million dollar deal still considered himself a peoples man. What I mean by this is he never let his fame separate him from the people that made him who he was “his fans”.

Adrian "Science" Robinson

Adrian "Science" Robinson

Adrian “Science” Robinson is a producer, audio engineer, & artist manager who has a love for music that stems from a family long history of singing and dancing. He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for music & video production, and later worked very close with one of Florida’s major independent record labels. He has lots of fond memories old and new that seems to tie in with many songs, and loves to share them with others. After working with multiple recording studios, independent labels, & internet radio stations, he moved on to publishing music for independent artist in the independent music community. Twitter: @TrueScience772 IG: @TrueScience772