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Creative Freedom – Lauren Sanderson

3 July 2019

Lauren’s voice is incredible in this. love the production in this too…

Spaces – Skytrip

26 March 2019

This song revolves around a situation where the protagonist realises he’s a part of a simulated world. He tries to convince his lover that they are simulations . He somehow feels like he’s a bug in the system and goes to extreme lengths to prove it…

Theory of Relativity – Anja Kotar

12 March 2019

A deeply visceral reminder of distinct moments in youth, “Theory of Relativity” causes emotional reactions with bold lyricism, rich strings, and dreamy visuals…

James Waves

James Waves

Who am I, you ask? I am just your average Jim with a passion for playing and listening to music. I bring to you the best of the best, the songs that will stop time itself, bring you to the present moment, and provide your daily requirement of aesthetic chills. Please enjoy. •James Waves MusicGorilla SocialThe Delta WavesRecord Label