The Glasshouse with Butterfly – Tomáš Dvořák


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Welcome to Tajunga – Timecop1983

15 May 2018

I’ve been playing a game called Stories Untold. It’s a text based adventure but with with some really great and atmospheric world building going on. It’s a horror game technically but it’s that kind of “exciting not scary horror” that was in last year’s remake of Stephen King’s IT or Netflix’s Stranger Things, with which, by the way, it shares a common nostalgic 80s aesthetic.

Square Hammer – Ghost

7 May 2018

Alright. Remember Video Game Music? Music composed specifically for games? We were going back to it this week. That was the plan. The past few posts were more mainstream tracks that ended up in games but now we were supposed to get back to take a look at some tracks written specifically for Video Games.

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

23 April 2018

I’m a huge Prince fan. I’ve got memories of The Most Beautiful Girl in the World being on heavy rotation on MTV one summer during my youth. I was also enthralled by his album covers when I came across them in my dad’s vinyl collection…

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Nicole Paulus

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