Ripe – Screaming Females


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Try – Molly Burch

9 January 2018

Unrequited love. We’ll all been there, am I right? 

Though I’m currently in a mutually loving and respectful relationship, it wasn’t that long ago that I was crooning in a steamy shower over yet another fuckboy down the drain. 

Dance This Mess Around – The B-52s

25 October 2017

I remember when I saw B-52s at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona a few years back. I was in my early 20s and expecting a highly energetic performance.

Ever heard this phrase? “Quit while you’re ahead?” None of the members of the B-52s ever have apparently. Instead, I imagine they all have matching tattoos on their rear ends that say something like “Keep on Truckin’” because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The Fear – Lily Allen

10 October 2017

When asked to pick a song for this playlist I immediately knew my first selection would have to be Lily Allen, my go-to for feminist anthems. The question was, which Lily Allen song? Instead of picking one from her brilliant and feminist (in a more obvious way) album Sheezus, I’ve picked an earlier hit, The Fear.