The Conversation of the Street Lights Will Pass as Quickly as Our Words – The Bowling Alley Sound


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You & Me – Malibu Soma

10 July 2018

Do you like Stevie Wonder? Good! And what about Daft Punk? Like it too? Great! Nile Rodgers? you have to like him too, right? Perfect! Tame Impala? Alright, just keep on reading…

Cyborg – Hell Fire Jack

3 July 2018

A pair of angry bastards, loud as hell.

That’s how they describe themselves and it’s way too accurate. Let me explain…

Sucio y Desprolijo – Divididos

18 June 2018

I mentioned them last week presenting my favourite band. So now I feel of sharing with you, one of the roots of Mustafunk. The plow truck of rock and roll in Argentina, DIVIDIDOS.

This band is the baby from a historical band in Argentina called Sumo. When the lead singer of Sumo died, Ricardo Mollo and Diego Arnedo decided to try this formula. In only 10 years during the 90’s they became the plow truck they are today…