By My Side – Dub – Caldera (UK)


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Brotherman – Detroit Swindle

20 October 2020

Brotherman is a banger track, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to dive into the Detroit house music with a bit of a modern touch added.

Come Back – Wearing Shoes

13 October 2020

Come back has this vocal sample that I feel I had heard before somewhere back in time, around the 90s, it is an unbelievable good song. Piano and synths on this one are one of my favorite things.

This Must Be Deep – Risk Assessment, DJ Romain

5 October 2020

The track makes me dance the night away and it is definitely something you would love to play or listen to on an early night!

Stephanie Gadsden

Stephanie Gadsden

Based in Montreal Canada and borned and raised in Mexico City, Stephanie has been a music enthusiast since a young age. Influenced by Barry White, Donna Summer, Daft Punk, Roy Ayers, Miles Davis, Larry Heard, Kerri Chandler and so many others. Stephanie has been a House, Disco, Jazz, Funk and Blues enthusiast for a long time in her life. Stephanie mainly works as a Visual Effects Artists in the Film Industry, and runs a House Music blog and channel called Housepedia Music that specializes and promotes the Old House Music Vibes that are mostly overlooked by mainstream music channels. She also runs a podcast called Home Is Where House Is Playing, on the same channel, where she hosts House music DJs around the world. Stephanie also started focusing a lot more in her DJ skills and mixtapes where you can find a lot of different House genres (Deep House, Classic House, Garage,Jazzy House sounds and so many others) she often shares her work on her channels. Music to Groove Deep Your Soul is a great opportunity for Stephanie to share more of these flavors she likes and talk a lot more about each track she listens to. Recommending and sharing music has always been something that Stephanie does on a daily basis.