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Civilian – Wye Oak

9 April 2018

Let me tell you why this song belongs to one of the few perfect songs out there. It has to do with three components: Melody, emotion and arrangement. 

The first one is simple: The melody of the song, so wonderfully melancholic, yet so simple. Singer Jenn Wasner basically just sings up and down the scale, of course sometimes skipping a halftone or so. It brings you back to childhood memories,…

Knots – Lisa Hannigan

26 March 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I completed the “30 Day Song Challenge”. Basically you’re given instructions to pick a song for the span of 30 days. Some – “a song about drugs and alcohol,” or “a song that’s a cover by another artist” – were easy. Some, like “a song by an artist with a voice that you love,” were harder…

Living With Your Ailments – Kiran Leonard

20 March 2018

Kiran Leonard is only 22, but his music has a depth and a whimsy to it only rivaled by his unconventional structure. Also, in spite of his age he’s released A LOT of music, impressive for someone so young…