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Civilian – Wye Oak

9 April 2018

Let me tell you why this song belongs to one of the few perfect songs out there. It has to do with three components: Melody, emotion and arrangement. 

The first one is simple: The melody of the song, so wonderfully melancholic, yet so simple. Singer Jenn Wasner basically just sings up and down the scale, of course sometimes skipping a halftone or so. It brings you back to childhood memories,…

Wide Awake – Parquet Courts

3 April 2018

Here in Germany, the temperature finally has moved above freezing. Sun’s out, weather is starting to be pretty great, finally we’ll be hiking the mountains again…

This makes me feel quite motivated to do things, so I’m celebrating my spring motivation with “Wide Awake” by the extraordinary Parquet Courts. It’s a simple song, but IT’S STILL SO GOOD…

Living With Your Ailments – Kiran Leonard

20 March 2018

Kiran Leonard is only 22, but his music has a depth and a whimsy to it only rivaled by his unconventional structure. Also, in spite of his age he’s released A LOT of music, impressive for someone so young…