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Grey Luh – Berhana

19 February 2019

While he was in college in New York, Amain Berhane split his time between three things: class, work and music. Rarely did the three intersect. In the daylight Berhane would go to class and work one of his many part time jobs. At night, he would transform into Berhana (a slight spelling alteration of his last name to make it read how it actually sounded), writing sultry R&B…

Can’t Believe The Way We Flow – James Blake

22 January 2019

I’ve wanted to fit James Blake into this playlist for a while now. But when I thought about how people might be listening to this playlist (in the car, at work, chilling at home, etc), much of Blake’s catalogue didn’t seem appropriate. It’s not that his subject matter or style didn’t fit the playlist (his obsession with heartbreak actually made him perfect for it), but it’s how he composes his tracks…

People Change – Mipso

16 January 2019

We’re starting off 2019 with something a little different for this list: a little bit of twang. “People Change” by North Carolina natives Mipso has been floating in my head for weeks. It’s a gentle track, and, as Mipso told Geniusan attempt to articulate loss…