One Night – Hedband & Thorisson


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Wonder – Just Shad

30 October 2018

This song is purple and blue, deep mysterious colors. This song is bruised up knees, dirty sneakers, a box of cigarettes. This song is your friend who races red lights in his beat up honda civic, dizziness, confusion, confliction, and comfort…

Long Hair – Moontower

16 October 2018

We return to the golden hour this week, a fitting track to come home to. This song is the sun just below the mountains, a shirt that reflects in the warm light. This song is black boots and skinny jeans, growing your hair long and walking down Hollywood Blvd with your headphones in…

Burning Summer- Wyndsrfr

12 September 2018

This song is your college bedroom, midterms creeping up on you, sweat on your forehead and an ache in your shoulders. This song is the rumble in your stomach when you remember you’ve been so busy working you forgot a meal or two…