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One Night – Hedband & Thorisson

7 November 2018

This song is big hair and legwarmers, bright colors and bold patterns, a taste of the 80’s that is electric and undeniable. This is the hottest themed bar in the city, the DJ playing nothing but retro throwback hits…

Wonder – Just Shad

30 October 2018

This song is purple and blue, deep mysterious colors. This song is bruised up knees, dirty sneakers, a box of cigarettes. This song is your friend who races red lights in his beat up honda civic, dizziness, confusion, confliction, and comfort…

Long Hair – Moontower

16 October 2018

We return to the golden hour this week, a fitting track to come home to. This song is the sun just below the mountains, a shirt that reflects in the warm light. This song is black boots and skinny jeans, growing your hair long and walking down Hollywood Blvd with your headphones in…