In The Morning Light – Yanni


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달팽이 (Snail) – Panic

1 January 2021

Sometimes the way home takes so long
Sometimes I get so tired and exhausted
As soon as I open the door,
I fall asleep
And when I wake up, No one is there

우리에게 (The Melody) – Super Junior

6 November 2020

This song brings back a lot of memories of the hard times through the nameless periods. The medium-tempo with a pleasant whistling background brings joy to the audience. You can easily feel the joy in the vocals and dreaming for the bright future together.

Camouflage – Selena Gomez

30 October 2020

Another rain falls, wash away the dust of downtown, smooth the noise of the soul. The rain is still falling, but not the last one sweet .Like the fog like rain, like rain like fog, Cecil strands of tangled constantly.

Today’s track is Camouflage by Selena Gomez. Which is also featured in the movie.