Funky Love – Nate James


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Andreas Whyte

13 May 2021

About the curator – Andreas Whyte My love for music has probably s...

Music to Make You Smile – Fiona Joy Hawkins

10 July 2020

A smile is worth a thousand words… The need for music that makes you smile is more important now than ever before. The number one infectious human emotion is joy and often it starts with a smile. When we see it, we feel it and then we are compelled share it. These songs share their joyful energy to make you feel good and connect in a positive way. For serious people, this playlist comes with a warning: you may feel like dancing.

Music to Raise a Fierce Child – LaLa Tigers

24 June 2020

Most children’s music makes me want to gouge my own eyes out with a ball point pen. Repeatedly. So if you’re like me, but you still want your kids to absorb some great messages about life, here’s a ferocious mix of clean and positive songs, to help you raise an awesome human. Raar!…