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"GMK gotta get that dough." As soon as I hear that line I know it's gonna be a banger, GMK (Grand Master King) is one of the most sought after sound engineer in the Alté scene. GMK's laid back beat gives room for vocal to shine and still make his signature mark.

.Tomi Thomas takes up the first verse calling on to a lost lover to reignite old flames. Seeking comfort in the arms of an old lover. Stating his availability and willingness to drop everything and be there for her as soon as she calls.

Kida Kudz verse talks about his estranged lover, his eagerness to fix what they had and an opportunity to show he can do better and will be better. This song is about apologies and second chances.

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About The Curator - Great Ekama

Great Ekama - Music to Curator

Great Ekama is currently a student studying psychology, he hopes to shine more light on mental health and illness, From Delta state Nigeria but based in Lagos Nigeria. He is also a Digital marketer, a Social media manager and Content creator. Here are links to my social media accounts.