Nostalgia – Tae


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Long Nights – Aby Coulibaly

Long Nights – Aby Coulibaly

11 August 2021

It is great to hear raw talent come from your home country, it makes liking the artist all that more sweet.

Yarden – MADLISK

Yarden – MADLISK

24 May 2021

This track must be what it feels like to float within the clouds

2AM – Gavin Turek

30 April 2021

Dancing and laughing and just basking in the energy of being free of typical worries

Ruth Burke

Ruth Burke

Originally from Ireland, I now currently live in Liverpool after completing my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in performance. I am not a believer that you can only like one genre of music, if a song speaks to me on another level or I just vibe with it; I'm listening to it.

I'm still trying to find my way around life so patience is my virtue!

I am at the beginnings learning to DJ, curating 'Zone Out' mixes on SoundCloud and also help my good friends, GO OFF SIS, HUB by curating playlists for their platform.

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