Pirate Karate – Wooden Drone

by Andrew McCluskey

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Polyphonic – MAYN

Polyphonic – MAYN

31 July 2021

Rules?  Fuck ’em!

Generally – as a rule – the tracks you find on this playlist don’t have lyrics – the reasoning being that if you’re writing – you don’t need someone else’s words taking up cognitive space.  But it’s not really a rule – it’s more of a “best practice” – at the end of the day, tracks make this list if I’m able to write to them and wow – look at me typing…

Maggie Is Napping – One Of Them

Maggie Is Napping – One Of Them

29 July 2021

A quiet, mellow, contemplative piece – complete with soothing Owl hoots – that wrapped my psyche in a warm acoustic blanket and gave me the gentle encouragement I needed.

Aphelion – vivaellipsis

11 June 2021

This is a really cool track for lots of reasons - some of which I might outli...