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Lose Yourself – Roho

Lose Yourself – Roho

2 March 2021

Ephemeral is an ode to a transformative period in my life-about a summer that changed everything. The water-themed record fully allows Roho to explore his signature brand of cool, sexual and spiritual whilst revealing more layers of his vulnerability. Ephemeral works as significant introduction to those unknowing of this alt-R&B act’s work and this episode finds Roho telling us all about the inspiration behind it.

Like I Do – Jay Trigga

9 February 2021

Jay Trigga is versatile and his sound varies from Trap to Afro-Pop. In his words; “I do music as a way to channel my emotions as well as inspire and better the lives of people around me, I hope with my music I’ll be able to bring hope to the Zambian youth that anything is possible and change lives, I feel its upon me to bring joy and hope for a better day”, he aims at changing the game internationally having worked with artists from China, Nigeria, Namibia.

Sunday – lordkez

12 January 2021

“It’s difficult to classify myself in the “typical way” people expect, I feel like with me, you will always get a musical experience, I will always put my heart into the music I make and I will always push the boundaries, I exist like that” – lordkez