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Year or Two – Lily Agnés

Year or Two – Lily Agnés

12 April 2021

Not only that, but she also sings insanely well, and I mean INSANELY. I’m pretty sure we are about to see a big year ahead of her

Track of the Month – March. Ms.Lauryn Hill.

5 April 2021

Music I can dance to seems to be the theme, even my poor housemate who has been working crazy hours in hospital can’t help a little dance when I whack Lauryn on! For that reason, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ has to be my track of the month.

Glow – Alice Phoebe Lou

Glow – Alice Phoebe Lou

29 March 2021

Glow is a masterpiece in my humble opinion, and I don’t think I really want to try and tell you about the music, because it simply has to be heard.