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Green Papaya- Lianne La Havas

Green Papaya- Lianne La Havas

3 November 2020

Although the globe is in an unsteady time, it’s clear that humanity all around the world has slowed down in one way or the other. It’s in times of uncertainty that I believe humans simplify and get back to what matters, whatever that may be to you.

The Worst In Me – KAYTRANADA ft. Tinashe

29 January 2020

There are times an artist only goes as far as their sound takes them. Raw vocal ability is still a main ingredient, but it is the sound and music that accentuates ones voice. The music is the ingredient that pulls the listener in closer in to what the artist is singing and/or saying…

Another Time Lover – Kadhja Bonet

15 January 2020

When a shooting star darts across the night time sky, and you happen to be with a group of others, chances are that someone in the group will yell to everyone to look up in the sky to catch a glimpse of the star across the sky…