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Lie To Me – Vera Blue

Lie To Me – Vera Blue

24 April 2021

Speaking on the music video for the track, Vera expressed her love for “delving into new visual landscapes of colours, shapes, lighting and symbolism, and the idea of inventing an alternative reality that tells a story and captures the emotional roller coaster of falling in love again.” I think what struck me most about this description, was how much it compared with the surrealist qualities that I have always associated with night-time driving; far stretching roads, expansive landscapes, abstract and shapeless objects and a fresh vision which seems to escape me during daylight hours.

Dark Days – Local Natives

9 April 2021

The original version of “Dark Days” had originally been released in 2016 as a track on their Sunlit Youth album. However this version of the track features solo artist Nina Persson, a female vocalist which for me, seems to just heighten the track’s overall sentiment and its nostalgic storytelling.

Luna – Bombay Bicycle Club

6 April 2021

Taken from their album “So Long, See You Tomorrow”, this track was written by Jack Steadman during a trip through India, Turkey, Europe and Tokyo – that which is reflected through the menagerie of tones that permeate throughout it.