Départ – Samuel Felix


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Fazon – Sopwith Camel

16 June 2020

Recently, the Music To community came together to put together a playlist with an uplifting and inspiring message…

California – Lana Del Ray

12 May 2020

Have you read Normal People, or watched it? If you haven’t done either, I’d strongly urge you to do both. Start with the book, please. (And prepare yourselves for why it finds a mention here)…

Summertime – Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald

5 May 2020

There are countless renderings of Summertime; it’s one of those classics that has stood the test of time and multiple genres. And nearly every time another artist attempts this, it has been a treat worth your time…

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My name is Aarushi and I am from India. I recently graduated from college and am still getting used to being a real adult. My passion for music and discovering new artists and tracks supersedes most other things in life. An average millennial, I love dogs, coffee shops and dark chocolate.