Playlist Your Life

Music to Clean House

Upbeat, energetic, get stuff done...

Music to Write an Essay

Top YouTube tracks that help you write.

Music To Grieve To

Sad music to help you feel better.

Music to Drink Like A Pirate


Music to Fight Evil

Rock to roll the establishment

Music To Love Berlin

Bowie, Iggy & more...

Music to Descend in an Airplane to

Delightful piano music to calm the nerves.

Music to Clean Up to  - Playlist by Music to

Music to Clean Up To

Go, go, go, go, go , go....

Music to Create to - Playlist by Music to

Music to Create To

Use your hands and make something.

Music to Increase Productivity - Playlist by Musicto

Music To Increase Productivity

Created by Productivity experts, coming soon.

Under construction...