This track arrived by a fairly circuitous route - which is why I love music!  The seed for the track came from the wonderful people over at Love Lives On - more about them below.  They had compiled an amazing list of 150+ songs that you can use for Funerals - broken down by category.

I was scanning the list and landed on Art Garfunkel's stunning rendition of Bright Eyes - which if you haven't heard is absolutely heart wrenching and addresses the whole "death" thing pretty beautifully! Thing is - it isn't on Spotify - so it wasn't going to get on the list - but I immediately thought of Simon & Garfunkel's Sound of Silence -  which they thoughtfully have in the "Old Classics" section.

I had already added the Simon & Garfunkel version to the playlist and was about to write it up when I suddenly remembered Disturbed's amazing cover.  I think I caught it last year and remember being absolutely blown away.  The word that comes to mind is Powerful - which seems apt for an emotion such as Grief.

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Love Lives On

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  • Understands the importance of celebrations of life.
  • Inspires us to live well, love much, and remember our loved ones forever.
  •  Connects people with the best funeral professionals and counsellors.


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