Another submission from the Grief Directory this time from Deborah Chapman Newell, author of Memories in a Daughter's Heart.  In her own words:

"I offer my own story of how I dealt with that grief, put into real perspective. My thoughts and feelings as I planned a funeral and survived that funeral. How I dealt with the innumerable issues afterwards, closing out bank accounts, disposing of personal property, and selling the home I grew up in. I also discuss how I dealt with holidays and other special occasions that first year and survived. The book also contains stories from other daughters who lost their mothers in a number of different ways and in various circumstances and how they dealt with their individual situations."

Check out Memories in a Daughter's Heart on the Grief Directory.

The Grief Directory is a curated list of organizations and products that exist to serve those who have been affected by or who are currently dealing with grief.

Curated means that instead of just compiling a list of links, we take the time to find out about an organization or product.  If they are legitimate and current, we create a considered listing that makes it easy to find out how they can best help you.


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