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MUSIC TO Love Berlin

The title of this playlist is rather self-explanatory, but still, I need to remind you that love is a feeling indefinable in just one way - hence you should expect quite a lot of action from this set of songs.

As we’re constantly striving to select songs that you’ll really love, we are always focused on our fundamental criterion: the track has to be linked somehow with Germany’s poor but sexy capital. In most cases it either is about Berlin or has been recorded here.

Obviously, we’ve got the classics - David, Iggy and Nick Cave - whose albums became hits sometimes even without people knowing about their Berlin connection. We also present you some less celebrated, but equally cool stuff - like Peaches or Einstürzende Neubauten.

And lastly, there’s always a lot of room for new artists who’re making our city proud with their fresh recordings, like the Jooles, Gurr, or Lara Maria Gräfen.

Curated by Mischi - The Grass Harp

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March 2017


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