We like SpinGrey.

We're totally basing that on how they manifest rather than who they are - 'cos we haven't met them yet - but we seem to share a similar outlook on music.

This is their Piano Focus Playlist and one of our artists - music2work2 - is on it.

Why Is It Good?

The piano tracks are cool.

No - seriously - they're actually fucking cool.

I'm listening now as I write:

Eindhoven by Martino Vergnaghi - completely nuts piece of music - pushing extremes and musical choices and volume and mix intensity and...well - it's just a little different, and it stands out - but you could put this on repeat and not look up for an hour...

Call by Julianna Barwick - this track is the reason I'm writing this - I fell in love with it a while back and had already added it to our "coming soon when we have the resource"  Music to Descend in an Airplane to playlist.  It's a stunning track.

Minéral by Sylvian Chauveau - depending on how deep you are - you might not notice that the music doesn't start for half a minute - you might grok the noise at 16 seconds or so - but...here's the thing: if a playlist like this is doing its job - then by the time you're 9 or 10 minutes in - you should be flowing anyway.  Me - I like silence - and I like this track too - sparse - timbre - super low but still present energy.

Getting Back Together by music2work2 - it's another nuts track that doesn't make any sense, and yet people listen to it on repeat and it seems to work.  The true genesis of the track was the composer attempting to represent a partying Englishman reconnecting with his Mexican girlfriend after they'd split over his drinking.  Yeah - take that for creative inspiration!

And that's just the first four tracks.

I could write more but - I have other writing to do.

You should probably check out SpinGrey - they have lots of other playlists too!