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Modern Piano Dreams - Peaceful Melancholy - Romantic Sadness

22 hours of minimal piano, new classical piano, neoclassical piano and Modern Solo Piano Music composed by Einaudi, Frahm, Richter, Tiersen, Maassen, Schuster, Beneking..
Stephan Beneking - Pianist / Curator

It's a funny world being a pianist -  while there are current superstars like Tiersen, Richter and indeed Einaudi, the vast majority of the recognized music comes from the classical world and is dominated by the likes of Lizst, Chopin, Rachmaninov and so on.

Which is great if that's what you want to play - but if you're interested in moving the world of piano forward, it becomes a little tougher.  If you want to see how far you have to go to breaka new piano track - think of poor old Ludovico, performing his latest "Elegy for the Artic" - strapped to a grand piano on an iceberg!  (I just wonder how bloody terrified he must have been! ;-p) But hey, 3.5million views later and maybe the risk was worth it.

What you'll find more rational pianists doing is creating fabulous playlists where they can seed their own music alongside those of the perennial favorites.  Which is how we discovered Stephan Beneking.  While his focus is more of the traditional classical style from classical composers he created this playlist which opens the world up to newer composers and newer musical styles.

We're glad to be on it alongside some of Stephan's own compositions - which are pretty damn good if you ask us!

Stephan Beneking, award-winning composer, is based in Berlin, Germany.  He is one of the most prolific composers of New Classical Piano works.  Beneking´s original compositions are in neoclassical, classical, romantic, melodic and contemporary modern classical style for piano solo. His repertoire comprises more than 500 piano works so far and his music is being played by hobby and professional pianists in many countries. Among his Compositions you can find pieces for beginners and piano students as well as for advanced or even professional pianists:

You can learn more about Stephan here:

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