Chill, Ambient, Psybient, Post-Rock...

THE ORIGINAL & LARGEST Instrumental playlist! Music for study, work, coding or relaxation.  instrumental chill, melodic electronica, psybient...
Keats Handwriting

This is what we love about music - it belongs to everyone, everywhere - you don't need to be some dysfunctional mystic to know what's good and be able to pull it together.  Case in point - meet Joel Leppard - he's clearly functioning pretty highly as one of Orlando's top DUI attorneys and yet at the same time he can be Mr. Keats Handwriting - curator of the most popular music to work to playlist on Spotify.

I'm listening as I'm writing and it's doing exactly what it's supposed to - creating an auditory environment where I'm not disturbed, allowing me to focus in on the ideas, on the words and not be pulled sideways by a chorus hook or a resonant lyric.

We love the idea behind music to work to - it's pretty much the essence of our entire brand. While this particular playlist might not work if your "work" is of the pirate kind - if you need to write, code, read or even just think about a construct - this is a great playlist to work to.

Joel Leppard is the founder of Leppard Law, an Orlando, Florida DUI and criminal defense firm aimed at providing each client with the resources of a large firm but with the personal attention and skillful representations that only a small firm can provide. 

In 2016, Leppard Law was ranked as one of the “Best of Yelp” Orlando law firms as well as one of Expertise’s 2016 “Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Orlando.”  Joel Leppard has received awards including the Avvo DUI Client’s Choice Award in both 2015 and 2016, is ranked as the 2016 #1 Best DUI Attorney in Orlando by Best DWI Attorneys, was elected to the prestigious National College of DUI Defense in 2015 and is rated a perfect 10.0 by Avvo. Joel Leppard has defended represented thousands of Florida residents.  He is also the author of the DUI handbook entitled "The Florida Consumer Guide to DUI Defense."