Who Are You?

Music is probably the biggest thing in your life.  

Oh sure, you have family - parents, siblings, spouses, you might have close friends, a job, studies - all those things that make up a life but deep down you know that ultimately all those things could come and go whereas music, well - music's been with you forever, it'll never leave you and will never let you down.

You listen to a lot of music - no, seriously, it's pretty rare that you don't have something playing in the background.  If you're the type that goes to parties you probably prepare a playlist in advance, you know, just in case... 

But here's the cool thing about you - you're not a snob.  You're not one of those people that despises others for not knowing as much about music as you do.  Working with music is an opportunity to make other people's lives better, not worse.  If you curate a playlist for Music to it's because you love watching other people feel good - not because you like to feel superior.

Who Are We?

Pretty much the people we just described above.  

We're musicians, moviemakers, barristers and baristas, digital marketers and yet to be labeled.

We're introverts and extroverts,  party people and bedsit loners.

We have little in common except for our love of music.

What Do We Offer?

  • Professional branding
  • Marketing support
  • Tight-knit knowledge community where you can learn from all the mistakes we've made
  • Marketing budget when you're ready
  • Ability to "sign" tracks
  • Profit share

Interested In Learning More?

Tell us about yourself below.  If we think there's a good fit we'll be in touch.

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